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Coaching & Consulting

Feeling overwhelmed? Whether your child is newly diagnosed, has been receiving help for a long time, or you are simply concerned about their progress, this call can help you find your balance again. We can find out where your child’s trouble spots are with reading, what your next steps are, how to set goals as a family, or figure out how to integrate learning into your family routine without getting overwhelmed.

Dyslexia is hard enough. Getting support should be easy.

One on One Tutoring

You don’t have to do it alone. One-on-one tutoring is the fastest way to see growth. I will identify the key areas for growth and discover any missing foundation skills. We will work together at your child’s pace using a proven, multisensory approach to help them gain confidence and mastery.

Your child does not need to be identified as “behind” in order to benefit from tutoring. Introduction to letters and sounds, learning to read, foundational skills, and spelling basics can all be done through short-term tutoring to make sure your child stays on track.

Parent Training

If you know it has to be you teaching your child, but you’re overwhelmed, then this is for you!

Following a short assessment with your child, I will design a class that is specifically tailored to your child and our family. It will provide instructional how-to’s and a scope and sequence that can be adjusted with your feedback. This course follows the science of reading and includes phonological awareness, spelling choices, word sorting, how to structure a lessons, and more!