This section is constantly growing! You can find materials and information so you can help your child with reading, writing and spelling. Read through to find out why this might be a lot easier than you’re expecting!


The links below will take you to three different modes to learn more. 

Fill in the knowledge gap through the Blog, visit the shop for materials, and the videos will help you put together the things you know.  


You can find information, advocacy, tips and techniques on my Blog.  There are articles to help you feel equipped to support your child, advocate for them, encourage them, teach them, and understand what life is life might be like for someone with a learning difference.


All of my learning resources, new and old, will be added into my shop. I have complete open-and-go lesson plans. You can also buy all resources as stand alone products and even more games and activities for continued learning.



This channel has just launched, but keep an eye on it! My goal is to do more video content to explain shop resources, share information on the Science of reading, offer tips and techniques, and to make reading lessons come alive for you and your child.