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Parent Training

This is a personalized course to teach you how to teach your child.

The science is clear: there are some methods for teaching reading that work better than others. Unless you have been trained to understand what you are teaching, why you are teaching it in a specific way, and how to teach so that it will stick, then the entire process might feel impossible.

You CAN do it!

There are a few key components that you need to know:

  1. Phonological Awareness
  2. Sequence of new concepts
  3. When to advance
  4. Syllable types
  5. Morphology
  6. Reading with fluency and comprehension

You will learn how language is made up of building blocks of sounds. You will know how to build words through linking sounds together, and how to break words down into the individual sounds for spelling.

You will know what to teach after your child has grasped the concept you’re working on. You will understand when it’s time to move fast through your lessons and when you need to slow down and use more review. Some children can take a long time at the foundational building-block level, and then breeze through content once that clicks. Others will have a slow and steady approach. Some children may just need the confidence to get started.

 There are only six primary syllable types. Breaking words into syllables helps with both reading and spelling longer words. Learning the syllable types can help you understand the spelling patterns within each syllable.

 Morphology is about the meaning of words. Small words have simple meanings, but longer words can have complex meanings.

 And finally, reading in context and with comprehension. It’s great to be able to read a list of disconnected words, but reading a longer text and understanding it is a learned skill as well. We will learn how to scale reading to an achievable level and how to build comprehension into everything you read.

What Can I Expect?

This course will consist of 4, 2-hour Zoom meetings.

One Zoom meeting will be a used for assessment. We will discuss any concerns you have regarding your child’s reading or spelling abilities. I will also conduct a personalized assessment of your child’s reading level and a short lesson to measure memory and retention of new concepts.

 The remaining 6 hours is your live training session, tailored to the level your child needs. I will teach you what you need to know about how language is built, how to build retention, what a lesson should look like, and how often you should work with your child.

What Do I Get?

You will receive a kit with everything you need to help your child succeed! It will contain:

  • your child’s assessment
  • personalized scope and sequence
  • detailed instructions for key concepts
  • worksheets, word lists, and ideas for extension activities
  • what to do if you hit a roadblock
  • how to structure your lesson
  • complete 12-week lesson plan

Sign up here for your own personalized course:

8 hours of personalized Zoom lessons and assessments and a complete kit with 12 weeks of lesson plans for only