Group Lessons

Summer 2023

Keep your children reading and learning this summer with fun, engaging group lessons! You can choose from a more academic approach with direct phonics instruction or a more artistic or gamified approach to develop a new approach to language! 

Classic Phonics Approach

Program 1: Beginner 

This program is for new readers and will ensure your child knows their letters and can read simple words.

Program 2: Intermediate

Intensive word-building and decoding skills with an introduction to more complex spelling patterns.

Gamified Approach

Dungeons And Dragons

In this class, kids will learn learn how to play, build a character, experience world-building and grasp basics of being a Dungeon Master all while practicing their reading and writing. 

Language ARTS

We will create a variety of art pieces focusing on different aspects of language. The curriculum includes landscapes, pointillism, calligrams, and self-portraits. We will focus on single-word expressions, different types of poetry, and word collections. 

There are two levels of this class being offered. 

Make It A Game! 

We will play a variety of games to get everyone thinking, and then dig into creation. We will map out ideas, common game-play components, talk about hooks, goals, story lines or other mechanics that keep players invested. 

Materials will be provided for your child to create 1 dice, card, tile-laying or classic style board game which they will bring home at the end of the session.